Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Clues So Far

1. Unmentionable- There are spades, clubs, and diamonds, what else?

2. Haven Designs- Surrounded by silk, 2 is a Peeping Tom.

3. Thalia's Fashion- Bootiful 2!

4. Store closed. Not looking for another one this late in the hunt. Sorry!

5. Nik-kos- Whats Your Favorite Flavor?

6. Dulce Secrets- Aim your sights between cat ears and you won't miss the prize.

7. Divalicious- "I DARE YA to find me"

8. Sassy Kitty- The only way to go is UP!

9. Custom Inkz- A Kiss From Above

10. Butterfly Effectz- You been so busy hunting maybe you should just have a seat in my comfy chair and have a cup of coffee.

11. RBZ Designs- 1. Get rewarded for being part of the group. 2. The goddess may reward you.

12. Sassy! "Lurk in dark corners, if you dare. A prize you might find, if you're aware."

13. Love Zombie- Gotcha, Gacha!

14. Zibber Silks-none, small store

15. Kitteh Bitz- dare 2 hang around with the men


17. Kandy Couture- SLC is where to look, a winterdreams night is all it took.

18. Damage-Location "A" hint (Threkeld) is "It's in a very cheeky spot" (Location B) Hint: "Simple reflection will show you the way"

19. Just Me- Where is meggie??

20. U-Neek- Bikini wearers can see it

21. Bubblefish- Here Fishy Fishy! If you are stuck, head towards the stuffed fish!

22. Holli Pocket- Zebra prints are in, make yourself at home!

23. Ginger's Shapes- Water soothes me, inside

24. KDee's Designs- Stairway to Heaven

25. Seren's Closet- Feeling "Lucky"? Well walk on over to the Luckiest place in the store and You'll find what you seek!!

26. Fantasy Restraints- Fly to the second floor to beat the tooth fairy there before she takes the gift.

27. SteamBound- Sit down and rest a while

28. P3- Slither on upstairs to the silks, where my girl Sassy is usually dancing her cares away.

29. Deviant- You use these to climb to the top. But below.

30. Skinwalkers- look for it down under

31. Carrie's Lingerie- Slip into this sexy outfit and put your feet up and relax a little

32. Cmore- Look under.

33. Tart- Be casual when your reading Times Magazine

34. Kinky-O- If you're tired, a good sleep will help you find the object.

35. Camillia's I thought only leaves weeped from these - why is there a 2?

36. Annabella's Song- There must be more to life than sitting wondering if there is more to life

37. Envy Designs- "Iron, Lion, Zion"

38. Ali Couture- Being provocative gets u no where

39. Candydoll- Might wanna go change

40. Gaea- Its up top and down below, near what glitters but isnt gold

41. Eternal Dreams- Nothing could top a romantic night (thank you, Ambyr Moonwall, for supplying this great hint.)

42. Motherfunken- When your packing to go to camping don't forget to bring this.

43. Sub Rosa- If your UP for a black wedding you might need this.

44. Skinful Pleasures- You can look high, you can look low, but you need to look near the picture
where the water does flow..

45. String Fashions- If you can remember Forrest Gumps' wife's name you can find me under her.

46. Oceane's Body Boutique- Near the precious gems and stones will find the number 2

47. JZ Designs- Hunts are so fun you get all sorts of "New Stuffs"

48. Graffittiwear- In the corner way up high, the number 2 you will spy.

49. Tainted Desire- It's sooo HOT in here! Turn down the heat!

50. Sa-eela- "This 2 makes me feel so berry good that I went right to the top"

51. SLC- Hard to choose BETWEEN Jean material or floral print.

52. Kayliwulf Kingdom- The prize is at the highest point in Kayliwulf.

53. Luscious & Lords- If you want to Win try our Sexy Skins!

54. No Saints Inc- The hint is... "Coming Soon" (object is placed)

55. Exquisitely Exposed- Rise up to the top, but no climbing is necessary to reach these heights

56. Silken Desires- If your sight is good. You should see it.

57. InteractiveWear- The dummys know about it, but they play sometimes with you.

58. Babele- Marco...POLO!

59. TrendStyle- Julia is watching over your gift for you.

60. LoveCats- Joining the group has an extra benefit?

61. Savige- Up the apples & pears

62. Vels Boutique- Just because I'm discontinued doesn't mean I'm any less good

63. Amuse- "Check out the new chucks at aMuse"

64. Poised- Up or down? cant just stand there!

65. May's Soul Fashion- On hot days in my shadow thou blankets.
I am big and leafy.

66. T&A Designs- Floor 3 is where you will want to be, the number 2 you will see.

67. Quirky Designs- Upwards is the way to go to reach the Great Hero of Athens.

68. Wild Style Fashions- are on the 1st floor (up the ramp)

69. A&K Designs- A. Can't believe she mooned me B. A kiss is But a Kiss!

Tomorrow's the big day!!

We will be posting the clues up at 11:45pm SLT.

Dare2Bare Hunt is a Featured Event and Showcased!!!

Dare2Bare Hunt ^^^^^^^^
We are a Featured Events! Click The Highlighted Link above! We are so proud! Thank you all! Don't forget today is the big Kick- Off party see last blog for more information or Go to the location on that link.

Thanks! The Dare2bare Crew! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kick Off Party
We are throwing a Kick-Off party for the first semi-annual Dare2Bare hunt. Where hunters and designers alike can enjoy the calm before the storm.

Come join us at Wild Hearts with one of our featured designers, Nik-kos. Dj Darling Nikky will tear it up for us.

July 31st 3pm to 5pm SLT

Any questions please contact Julya Lykin

Dare2Bare Crew

Monday, July 19, 2010

And the Participants Are...

The following will be participating in the Dare2Bare Hunt:

Stores & their blogs

1. Unmentionable
2. Haven Designs
3. Decadent Deisgns
4. Shape Me Designs N/A
5. Nik-kos N/A
6. Dulce Secrets
7. Divalicious N/A
8. Sassy Kitty
9. Custom Inkz
10. Butterfly Effectz
11. RBZ Designs
12. Sassy! N/A
13. Love Zombie
14. Zibber Silks N/A
15. Kitteh Bitz N/A
16. ELIXIR Fashions N/A
17. IC Skin
18. Damage N/A
19. Just Me N/A
20. U-Neek N/A
21. Bubblefish N/A
22. Hollie Pocket
23. Ginger's Shapes N/A
24. KDee's Designs
25. Slutcookie
26. Fantasy Restraints
27. SteamBound N/A
28. P3
29. Deviant Designs N/A
30. Skinwalkers N/A
31. Carrie's Lingerie N/A
32. Cmore
33. Kaeno Latex Fashion N/A
34. Kinky-O N/A
35. Camilla's N/A
36. Annabella's Song
37. Envy Designs N/A
38. Ali Couture
39. Candydolls
40. Gaea N/A
41. Eternal Dreams N/A
42. Cynful
43. Dementions N/A
44. Skinful Pleasures N/A
45. String Fashions N/A
46. Oceane's Body Boutique N/A
47. JzDesign
48. Graffitiwear
49. Fairy's Collection N/A
50. Sa-eela
51. SLC N/A
52. Kayliwulf Kingdom N/A
53. Luscious & Lords N/A
54. Nico Creations
55. Exquisitely Exposed N/A
56. Silken Desires N/A
57. InteractiveWear N/A
58. Sub Rosa N/A
59. TrendStyle N/A
60. LoveCats N/A
61. Savige N/A
62. Vels Boutique N/A
63. Amuse
64. Poised N/A
65. May's Soul Fashion N/A
66. T&A Designs N/A
67. Quirky Designs
68. Wild Style Fashions
69. A&K Designs