Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Clues So Far

1. Unmentionable- There are spades, clubs, and diamonds, what else?

2. Haven Designs- Surrounded by silk, 2 is a Peeping Tom.

3. Thalia's Fashion- Bootiful 2!

4. Store closed. Not looking for another one this late in the hunt. Sorry!

5. Nik-kos- Whats Your Favorite Flavor?

6. Dulce Secrets- Aim your sights between cat ears and you won't miss the prize.

7. Divalicious- "I DARE YA to find me"

8. Sassy Kitty- The only way to go is UP!

9. Custom Inkz- A Kiss From Above

10. Butterfly Effectz- You been so busy hunting maybe you should just have a seat in my comfy chair and have a cup of coffee.

11. RBZ Designs- 1. Get rewarded for being part of the group. 2. The goddess may reward you.

12. Sassy! "Lurk in dark corners, if you dare. A prize you might find, if you're aware."

13. Love Zombie- Gotcha, Gacha!

14. Zibber Silks-none, small store

15. Kitteh Bitz- dare 2 hang around with the men


17. Kandy Couture- SLC is where to look, a winterdreams night is all it took.

18. Damage-Location "A" hint (Threkeld) is "It's in a very cheeky spot" (Location B) Hint: "Simple reflection will show you the way"

19. Just Me- Where is meggie??

20. U-Neek- Bikini wearers can see it

21. Bubblefish- Here Fishy Fishy! If you are stuck, head towards the stuffed fish!

22. Holli Pocket- Zebra prints are in, make yourself at home!

23. Ginger's Shapes- Water soothes me, inside

24. KDee's Designs- Stairway to Heaven

25. Seren's Closet- Feeling "Lucky"? Well walk on over to the Luckiest place in the store and You'll find what you seek!!

26. Fantasy Restraints- Fly to the second floor to beat the tooth fairy there before she takes the gift.

27. SteamBound- Sit down and rest a while

28. P3- Slither on upstairs to the silks, where my girl Sassy is usually dancing her cares away.

29. Deviant- You use these to climb to the top. But below.

30. Skinwalkers- look for it down under

31. Carrie's Lingerie- Slip into this sexy outfit and put your feet up and relax a little

32. Cmore- Look under.

33. Tart- Be casual when your reading Times Magazine

34. Kinky-O- If you're tired, a good sleep will help you find the object.

35. Camillia's I thought only leaves weeped from these - why is there a 2?

36. Annabella's Song- There must be more to life than sitting wondering if there is more to life

37. Envy Designs- "Iron, Lion, Zion"

38. Ali Couture- Being provocative gets u no where

39. Candydoll- Might wanna go change

40. Gaea- Its up top and down below, near what glitters but isnt gold

41. Eternal Dreams- Nothing could top a romantic night (thank you, Ambyr Moonwall, for supplying this great hint.)

42. Motherfunken- When your packing to go to camping don't forget to bring this.

43. Sub Rosa- If your UP for a black wedding you might need this.

44. Skinful Pleasures- You can look high, you can look low, but you need to look near the picture
where the water does flow..

45. String Fashions- If you can remember Forrest Gumps' wife's name you can find me under her.

46. Oceane's Body Boutique- Near the precious gems and stones will find the number 2

47. JZ Designs- Hunts are so fun you get all sorts of "New Stuffs"

48. Graffittiwear- In the corner way up high, the number 2 you will spy.

49. Tainted Desire- It's sooo HOT in here! Turn down the heat!

50. Sa-eela- "This 2 makes me feel so berry good that I went right to the top"

51. SLC- Hard to choose BETWEEN Jean material or floral print.

52. Kayliwulf Kingdom- The prize is at the highest point in Kayliwulf.

53. Luscious & Lords- If you want to Win try our Sexy Skins!

54. No Saints Inc- The hint is... "Coming Soon" (object is placed)

55. Exquisitely Exposed- Rise up to the top, but no climbing is necessary to reach these heights

56. Silken Desires- If your sight is good. You should see it.

57. InteractiveWear- The dummys know about it, but they play sometimes with you.

58. Babele- Marco...POLO!

59. TrendStyle- Julia is watching over your gift for you.

60. LoveCats- Joining the group has an extra benefit?

61. Savige- Up the apples & pears

62. Vels Boutique- Just because I'm discontinued doesn't mean I'm any less good

63. Amuse- "Check out the new chucks at aMuse"

64. Poised- Up or down? cant just stand there!

65. May's Soul Fashion- On hot days in my shadow thou blankets.
I am big and leafy.

66. T&A Designs- Floor 3 is where you will want to be, the number 2 you will see.

67. Quirky Designs- Upwards is the way to go to reach the Great Hero of Athens.

68. Wild Style Fashions- are on the 1st floor (up the ramp)

69. A&K Designs- A. Can't believe she mooned me B. A kiss is But a Kiss!


  1. #37. Don't call it an Anomaly. Call a Spade a Spade!

  2. Fantasy Restraints added a new item
    #26a the items has been changed and location has also been changed but the clue is the same.
    #26b HINT: What lies beneath will be stuck in the middle between two parts.