Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hunt Hints

1. SHAPE ME Shapes- Delivered after midnight.
2. Decadent- It's an evening affair.
3. Nik-ko's- This gift will last forever.
4. Tori's Style- The tiger within.
5. B is for B!asta- Oh you certainly don't want to go out least put on some make-up.
6. Butterfly Effectz- While your on the hunt why don't you sit & draw me a pretty picture.
7. Ginger's Shapes- Feed Me.
8. Custom Inkz- MMMM Candy Apple- even yummy when you wear it.
9. Camilla's- I must be a twoabee.
10. Cero Style- I am hiding in a bowl.
11. Ms. B Designs- You'll be baring it all on the wall RIGHT NOW when you find this prize!
12. M.O.A.R- It's a bit of an ANIMAL
13. Fuk'N'Hawt- Don't sit so close, you'll hurt your eyes.
14. GM&LB Designs- Avatars like to hunt.
15. Factorie- Just slap it, slap it good.
16. Gaea Designs- If you Dare 2 Bare, 2 are 2 seconds north of midnight.
17. Cheeky Baby Designs- Being naked gives my tummy butterflies.
18. Lucky XIII Clothing- Sometimes it's best to create your own luck.
19. Vextra Fashion- Lingerie Department is going through the roof.
20. Klassy Kitty Designs A. Guess where it is & you might just win! B. Look high & low, but don't shelve it just yet!
21. Pulchritude- There is something sensual about going bare.
22. Indyra Originals- You're under arrest. Again.
23. Goodvibez- Hitting 3 Wheel.
24. Catch It- It's not a blue catsuit in the box.
25. Graffitiwear- Dare to look on the bottom shelf. The gift is new so where else could it be but with the new stuff.
26. Sassy!- Look in the corner if you dare. You'll find the best things there.
27. Sub Rosa- I see you.
28. United Freedom- Dare to be beautiful.
29. Fantasty Restraints- When she walked the catwalk she owned it.
30. Devilish Designs- Sometimes it's fun to be a little flirt.
31. Jaded Threads- Not only angels wear HALO's
32. Visualz Sassy Fashions-Expect an untimate Eargasm.
33. Sweet Design- Put it on display.
34. Just BECAUSE- Dare 2 Bare with the skin.
35. Red Devil- Dare to fall at her feet & the reward will be greater then you think!
36. .Thump- Don't eat me!
37. Herberry- Dare to bare in this Askew outfit... and you will find your prize.
38. Alter Ego- Two sexy girls in Zebra are better then 1.
39. Babele- The open road. Leathers check, motorcycle check, the only thing missing is my girl. Oh she's in the basement.
40. LaCourte- The numbers today was way over Kelly's head.
41. Hybridz- Call 911, but this is no medical emergency, it's an emergency of love.
42. Death Becomes Nerd- How many slaps will it take for you to get bare?
43. Edge of Sanity- Don't pet the pussy...or you'll get bitten.
44. Condemned Design-They're gonna walk all over you.
45. Dementions- You may score big in the Lucky Chair, but don't forget to grab the prize that's near
46. (Coming Soon)
47. (Coming Soon)
48. (Coming Soon)
49. Scratch Skin & Shapes- A triple S welcomes you, hides your prize.
50. (Coming Soon)
51. P.A. Designe- Look for a silver girl.

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