Monday, October 31, 2011

Hunt Hints & Locations!

Dare2Bare Hunt 3 is in full effect.  All stores have their items out, its been a bumpy road that finally got flattened.  We have some wonderful designers that have offered more then 1 gift, some for men, and even some that have changed their gifts...So if you've done it already show a friend that hasn't seen it yet and double check to make sure you haven't missed anything yourself.  November 30 is the deadline..Happy Hunting, & Perving =P.

1. SHAPE ME Shapes - In a blink of an eye.

2. IM CaPPed - Isn't it obvious?

3. Decadent - Leather and Laces

4. Butterfly Effectz - In this world it always pays to be Outspoken.

5. B&C Co. 5000L worth of store credit isn't the only thing you'll win at the raffle.

6. Klassy Kitty - Frustrated? Watch the ocean, feel calm, & you'll find what you seek every time!

7. Orsini - Let this little prize fly free!

8. B!asta - Maybe it's not a stairway to heaven, but definitely a stairway to sexiness!

9. Tori's Style - Best way to get around 4play, do you dare?
Men:  Just too easy, ask nathan for you gift guys.

10. Custom Inkz - Sparks Are Flying!

11. CandyMetal - Stars & Stripes should fly high, but its the prize this time.

12. Tattered - Grab a landmark so you can come BACK again.

13. M.O.C.K. Cosmetics - TRUCK!!

14. Pretty Lady - Even Pretty Ladies like to dare2bare on our Runway

15. Tw@ttyC@ke - Where the wild things are.

16. Sassy! - If you're weary and need to rest, find a relaxing place to stop.

17. Beauty In You - Look for sweet nekos.

18. NMD -
1. Follow the 60L  Path...
2. She likes to be with the boys... (Bonus gift for ladies)

19. Voluptia - Try a little Tenderness!

20. Beautfiul, Dirty, Rich - Check out the teleporters.

21. Kennedy's -  Just hanging out up here with the discount and  sale stuff!

22. Tainted Deisgn - Covers the Nearly Naked Eternal Flame

23. Carrie's Lingerie - Dare I be ..... NAUGHTY?

24. Hybridz - you will find your delicious prize, if you look to the skies, where the wind howls and whispers to you your latex surprise......

25. Erotique Designs - Rose isn't Just a Flower in EDS.

26. Fantasy Restraints - Atlantis is no longer a myth, find one of its Gods and you will find it's treasure.

27. Babele - A fountain points the way...

28. American Bazaar - In a corner

29. Gypsy Soul - Joining the SHST group is like a picnic in a park.

30. Fashion Unplugged -  For your eyes only.

31. Elixir - "The Back Side of Rubber"

32. Blue Wave - Yay! I'm getting married, I have something, old, something borrowed, and now I'm looking for something new.

33. KOKO - Be Realistic

34. Static Clothing Co. - Seeing through this window is a pane.

35. Ginger's Goodies - Put me on a shelf.

36. Unique - Try to WEDGE yourself in.

37. Risky Business - The thing you are seeking will find a way to brighten your mood and light up your day.

38. GooDVibez - Shorts that carry your cargo...

39. BeLoTe - There is something always hot, about something new.

40. *Kingpin* Fashion - Feeling Lucky

41. Rude Clothing- Do you know where your keychain is?

42. J. Serrao Naughty Designs -Come dance with me!

43. Kitties Lair - Every outfit needs a good pair of shoes.

44. Femme Fatale Fashions - Where she bares it all in the mirror.

45. ChixMayBClothes - 50%

46. StormCrow Designs - What's New Pussycat

47. Temptress Designs - Not everything is written in stone.

48. Metal Gear - Climb the rope to find your treasure

49. JaZzy's - Float like a butterfly.

50. B&T Designs - walk to the NEW wall and look at the pole right-side!

51. *Lurve* - The bride "2" Be is always veiled

52. [Rhetoric] - Gotcha, Nerd!

53. Insaya - where is the red room?

54. Death Row Designs - The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout...


56. Cat's Marbles - Are you interested in coins?

57. Rockstar Clothing - I like to hide in the middle of things.

58. Xplosion - Two Kittys are best friends (Complete Avatar Section)

59. VoiD - Side to side, or front to back, this one suffers, no loss of tact, defend his king, to possible death, find him you must, to pass this test.

60. LaCourte - Black to the left, white to the right, its plain to see  not hidden from sight

61. Ms. B. Designs - THE sun, GREAT sandy shores, Wide skylines, and OPEN Water...what a way to bare a day.

62. Camillia's - A girl can never have 2 much jewelry!

63. Seven - We love Marilyn! <3

64. Sub Rosa - Two hawt to handle

65. Patchwork Designs - I Wonder if this will grow?

66. Devilish Designs - Now that the weather is changing .... only indoor plants seem to be colorful and thriving.... check mine for you're hunt item =)

67. Wild Style - Tiny bubbles.

68. Ruxy's Design - Gypsy

69. Crave - Pretty on Pink  

70. Earth and Gor Couture - Men's Hint:  Others getting bare may not be the only way to get a rise.  Women's Hint:  Join the group may be a sign?

71. Avale - Pearls are girl's best friend.

72. Trashy Girls In Style - Bows are in style....bag them!

73. Pink Label - No hint needed. (In the process of rebuilding.)

74. GM & LB Designs - I am showing u where the second floor is :))))

75. THATI MILE5 - To find them only inspect the newest dresses at store
1. Night is the perfect time for lace.
2. Maree looks stunning in blue.
3. Izzy stardust

76. Patulas House - Ooo.. Look at the pretty fountain.  Don't let your feet get wet.

77. SlutWear - Wasted


  1. I thought it was a good hunt - but was pretty disappointed that I had to keep coming back to the blog or going home to unpack the box to have the LMs to the next items..

  2. We are sorry that you were disappointed. The hints and slurls were posted in group also to make it easier. We will try to come up with another way to make access easier.

  3. It's not a BIG worry, maybe its just me though, I think its easier though if all the next LMs for the next store are in with a folder. Alot of the prizes you had to unpack, or come here or look somewhere for the next LM that's all..