Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Complete Dare2Bare4 Hints & Slurls (All Stores Set For Sale)

1. Shame Me Designs ~ Beam Me Up Scotty!

2. Tori's Stylez ~ Get daring and find revenge, its on sale!

3. Decadent  ~ Every woman has one.. Bushy, Trimmed, or Bare.Find them and you'll find your gift...Placed with loving care.

4. Patchwork Heart ~ 2 much Drama for this Llama.

5. Tameless ~ If you walk on them, they'll help you move up. But if you look underneath them, you'll find what you hunt.

6. Angelic Lefevre Couture  ~ There is a strange stool ... oops it is sitting.

7.  Rack Poses ~ Neither at the top, nor at the bottom.

8.  TASHA DESIGNS ~ Top floor

9.  Ginger's Goodies ~ Visit RFL Every lil bit helps!

10. Slave Dressing Room ~ ..go up steps..

11. Ssanass Design ~  Those stairs tires me more I'll look it up! * --- *

12. Glamorize ~  I hash to tell you, We planted this somewhere GOOD!

13. Black Arts ~ Go Fish!

14. Factorie Couture ~ Apple bottom jeans is the answer to your question.

15.   Boobe ~ A mysterious ride has appeared outside....

16. Custom Inkz ~ Full Moon!

17. EBA  ~  Shhh it's a secret.

18.  Venomous Designs ~ (4 Gifts in 4 Different Spots)
1.Grinning cause I can see you.. Can you see me?
2. See clear, see shaded, once you find this you may just be naked.
3. OMG Im up In Lights I can see the stars.
4. Look To the Sign and It will be there.

19.  .:Ari:. ~ Arm Pit Hair is nasty!

20.   Reasonable Desires  ~ Life is a C------, old chum Come to the C------!

21.  Sassy! ~ What a nice view.

22. Ms. B Designs ~ Have you got the goods to be called a BEEFCAKE?

23.  Danish Designs ~ Illness can be a pleasure in SL :)

24. Vaxer ~ Over blood and stone, between stone signs and secured by many pairs of static eyes...

25. Panda Punx ~ Seline holds your prize.

26. Jazzitude ~ Be the barest of them all... in nothing but tan lines!

27. Motherfunken ~ Take a break from hunting and have some fun in bed ;)

28. Artful Design ~ If your looking to subscribe I'm near by..

29. JS Naughty Designs ~ Study hard to find this....

30. Carrie's Lingerie ~ A GLUTTON for cake, you crave the champagne. But will you still dare to bare, once you've seen what you gain?

31. Vextra Fashion ~ Latex at the dining table ;)

32. Dakoira Cao Latex ~ It is far but near, lower your eyes and don't be distracted by things that move.

33.  Ostentatious ~ When you're new, you better work it.

34. Devilish Designs ~ Who knew when you shopped you may find somethign FREE in your bag.

35. Pretty N Pink ~ Feeling Lucky?

36. Twins Fashion ~ n°36

37.   Fierce Designs ~ Where's da puddy cat?

38. Secrets Hair ~ When going up, sometimes you must look down!

39. Sage Fashion ~ Ask Harley

40.  KOKO ~ Flora

41.  Kiss Bang Bang ~ The shop girl was always willing, and often tells you what lingerie is best for you.

42. Fuk'N'Hawt ~ No "hanging" around to find this gift.

43. The Phoenix Collections ~ Hmmmm! I wonder where the sales person went? Oh look they left gifts instead.

44.  Pounce ~ You light up my life while my pants hang so low!

45. {:ThirteenTH:} ~ Got swag?

46. PinkCat  ~ Too many pink cats.

47.  187 ~ A giant butterfly is stealing your treasure. Hurry to get your gift before it flies away forever.

48.  HooDgirlz  ~
1. HooDgirlz  You are the one
2. HooDgirlz PlayBoy

49.  Voluptia  ~ What you lust for is all that girls are made of!

50. Lovely Ink ~ What you see is what you get...

51. Blue Wave ~  BW - Back

52. Leila's Closet ~ Stick to the windows ;)

53. Floor Candy ~ Dare 2 be a bad girl.

54.  Hot Stuff ~ OMG! Catalina!!!

55.  215 Couture ~ Pink Lips Gets You The Gift!

56. Fantasy Restraints ~ Being Buckled is ALWAYS sexy!!!!

57. Blah Blah Blah ~ Touch your skin to this and youll get burned.

58.  Bikinis and Swimwear by ZIBWARE ~ No elevator, use the stairs.

59. Ali Couture- From Me To YOU... a great gift

60.  B & T Designs- Hold up ur Pants ~ Otherwise U really need look for a Belt!!

61. Dangerous Curves Designs ~  Nothing Like a Luau on the Beach.

62. LoLa Creations ~  The air is hot out there.

63. Bond Street ~ Looks like a Z? Maybe X and Y come first!

64. **BN** ~ Elegance can be extreme.

65. Asylum ~ Make sure u wash ur hands after handlin raw meat.

66. S1nner ~ There is no Hope.

67. Vengeful Threads ~ Look beyond those who offer help. You will find it at the feet of enlightenment.

68.  Sweet Temptations ~ Plaid isn't all that bad, with bows & nylons.

69. Bella Donna ~ Did we make you wet yet? Ctrl+alt+t is an useful tool btw...

70.   1 Hundred ~ Find The Candle Corner!

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