Monday, September 2, 2013

Dare2Bare 5 Is In The Books

Dare2Bare 5 is officially over. Although, some designers may have their gifts still out.  We can no longer guarantee that they will be there.  So hunt @ your own risk.  Dare2Bare 6 will be coming February 1-28.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

This Is The Final Answer....Store/Hint/Slurl/Pic List

To make it easier, we've put the slurl, hint & pic all on one page.

1. Shame Me Designs

Hint: Can you DIGG it?

2. PixyStix

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Hint In Store

3. Exposeur

Hint : From Nice to Naughty

4. Tori's Stylez

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Something new :::: but  always daring ;)

5. Blonde&Blonde

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Tops of frames get dusty in this store.

6. AngelDust

Boobie Friendly

Hint: In the summer heat you should look for a place where you can cool off (outside the store).

7. Decadent

Hint : West out the back, but don't fall in... Or in deep water you will be in.

8. Paisley Daisy

Hint: 2 behind Styled suit

9. Sup Poses

Hint : 50 Shades of...

10. EBA

Hint: Flowers n boxes everywhere.

11. Drop Dead Gorgeous

Boobie Friendly

Hint: I really could do with a foot rub.

12. Tattered

Hint: 1991 horror film written and directed by the director of that movie featuring Ghostface.

13. Thirteenth

Hint: Look under the vogue.

14. Moda

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Giving Gifts is fun!

15. Babele Fashion

Hint : Where leaves enwrap 

16. Wayward Angels Reunite

Hint: There are 2 gifts we have bestowed upon those who dare to enter our warzone, To find the first look where the supplies would be, search high and low and under the lights you will find me. Once you have found your uniform amongst the accessories check out the new releases, urban has always been a favorite style of mine, there you will find the curves of a goddess.

17. Asylum

Phone... it's for you.

18. Tameless

Hint : Take a look at something new!

19. Sasscandilous Mesh

Hint: Elephant's nose

20. Nicclas

21. Eyelure

Hint :  "You find these on the Hollywood Walk of Fame"

22. CBJ Clothes

Boobie Friendly

Hint:  Look North, look, South, look East, look West, look up, look down, from side to side.. be careful you don't bump into it, it might hurt.

23. Panda Punx

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Riley is shy.

24. Rack Poses

Hint - The Caged Beast

25. Custom Inkz

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Strawberry Please!

26. Purple Candy

Boobie Friendly

Hint: I live in a magic city.

27. PB Designs

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Another type of ballot box.

28. Kanou

Boobie Friendly

Hint: At the back of the store Kio will help you to find it!

29. Star Shadow

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Free gift 

30. Purple Pose

Boobie Friendly

Hint : I'm too hot. I need a fan.

31. CandyMetal

Hint: Omg Samie outfit have a nice picture in her tshirt!!

32. Moyet

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Light me up

33. Rotten Apple

Hint :  Two...  second,..  dos level

34. Shabby Cat

Hint : Need help? Let me give you a hand.

35. Artful Designs

Hint: Feeling lucky? Try your luck at finding me!

36. Pink Sugah

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Meeeooooow, you really have to Dare2Bare in this outfit

37. Ellette

Boobie Friendly

Hint: -Near the stars....-

38. Latreia Foot Fashion

Hint: Easter is way over but these holiday stilettos are still a customer favorite..

39. Latex Station

Hint: EVOPREN is SUPER and is naught or nice, and is holding the prize you seek.

40. Mood Swings

Hint: Two is better than one.

41. Awear Lingerie

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Need a redelivery?

42. MV

Hint : "What's the skinny on things?"

43. Brazen Hussie

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Skulls

44. Trinite

Boobie Friendly

Hint : When you wear this you will be a shoe in for any sexy contest you enter! 

45. U: Refined

Hint : Under Glass is where I like to hide! 

46. Kennedy's

See hint giver at landing point

47. HAHA Studios

Hint: No doubt Inpou is the fiercest guardian of all treasures.

48. Tekila Candy

Boobie Friendly

Hint: I love pole dancing!

49. Pretty N Pink

50. Fantasy Restraints

Boobie Friendly

51. Tits Up

Boobie Friendly

Hint:  My ass ain't FAT its just more cushion for the pushin 

52. Deathrocker Bettie Crocker

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Norma Jean may nestle this daring little gift in her electrifying breasts.

53. Carrie's Lingerie

Boobie Friendly

Hint : If you dare to bare all the way in Carrie's there is only one place to do it. 

54. ModaMia

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Walk All Over Me

55. Knockers

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Lady Luck is on the menu.

56. Fucking Ninja's

Hint: Women were always getting naked behind those Dressing Screens, and behind that couples can get it on two by two.

57. Pink Pearl Designs

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Sometimes Sandy's Blue

58. B. Barbie

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Seek your fortune to find me.

59. AtaMe

Hint : "Grab them while they are still here"

60. Que Bella

Boobie Friendly

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Is it HAWT in here?

61. Ladadayo

Hint: If you sell your body here, you will find it.

62. Beautiful Dangerous

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Have a seat and wait your turn

63. Brandy's Boutique

Hint : Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, & Spades

64. Dumb Blond

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Be careful you don't lose your head!

65. Niekra's Dreams

Boobie Friendly

This orb is said to tell the future.

66. The Little Bat

67. Pin Me Up

Hint: Look at this beautiful flower :)

68. Dreamz Designz

Boobie Friendly

Hint : She stands with a helmet on, saying oh please "Ride Hard"

69. Sassy

Hint:  Act on impulse and follow your Instincts.

70. Calico Ingramm Creations

Hint: Lazy Summer days.

71. Together Inc

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Everyone loves cupcakes <3 p="">

72. D & G Fashions

Boobie Friendly

Maybe you can find it by the light of the new MOON?

73. Luckies

Boobie Friendly

Hint:  I am something you wear under your clothes :)

74. Patchwork Heart

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Is there Scroom for 2 under there?

75. Cheeky

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Looking for the shelf!

76. Mirror's Enigma

77. Embody

Hint: Locate NEW, then look for BLUE to find the 2.

78. Vooh

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Never believe what you read in the magazines

79. Blue Wave

Boobie Friendly

Hint: Damn, I'm outt group space, subscribe me.

80. 1 Hundred

Boobie Friendly

Hint : Find The Hidden Chair


There is also a mini hunt @ Venomous Rage Designs.  There are 4 items to find, the clues are in the mini story below. (Hints are italic.)

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