Dare2Bare Hunt Rule V.2
Summer 2010

There are now RULES for this hunt:::::
It has been brought to our attention that we finally needed some set and just rules for the hunt and are effective on 8/5/2010.
*Rules are subject to change at anytime please make sure you have the proper version and dated rules*

1. No Content theft Items allowed in hunt what so ever this is not tolerated, caught and that designer will be removed and replaced. If you are not a Designer and are telling others and Dare2bare Crew of content theft we will need proof that you suspect them as thieves, and all we can do is remove them from the hunt, and its up to you to turn them into the Linden Lab not Dare2bare Crew. We do not hold any responsibility for any content theft what so ever. ( please explain Theft via Note-card with info only don't NOT IM Dare2bare Crew about this, we will handle it when we see fit )

2. DO NOT IM store owner's and or Hunt Crew for Location's!! We do have hints and slurls for this to help guide you threw the hunt on our blog.

3. No Shouting in Store locations about the hunt locations, Shouting isn't tolerated.

4. Make Use of Hunt Group!! Its open to join to help you with the hunt with notices !!

5. No Discrimination, if you don't have something nice to say then don't bother. These Designers were kind enough to make something special for free to give out to everyone, use respect.

6. Don't IM Dare2bare Crew please contact us via Note-card always and will respond as we see fit.

7. If you are a vendor on the hunt please post notices for: MM boards, sales, freebies, dollaries or other special events. And up to 3 times a day only!! Be respectful.

8. PLEASE no MM boards posted in chat. This is not a MM group.

9. Designers! NO charging for gifts what so ever or you will be banned from Dare2bare hunt. (Even if its 1L, do not do it). This is not a dollarie sale its a free gift hunt only.

10. If a designer backs out they will no longer be welcome in the future hunts, unless its under some extraordinary circumstances.

Dare2bare Crew hope you enjoy this hunt and be sexy!

Big Thank You!

Dare2Bare Crew!

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